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Do you have asthma? What are the six questions to ask to see if you have asthma? These are the six questions that I ask patients to see if they asthma and I should be using to test for asthma. If you answer yes to anyone of them you could have asthma. If you answer "yes" to a few, or all, of these questions then you need to view our videos. I go through the questions that asthmatics will say yes to. There is also an explanation of why these symptoms occur. There are 28 other things that can cause some of these symptoms, but common things commonly, and asthma is really common.  (A Board Certified Allergist will be able to tell if your symptoms are one of those other masqueraders just pretending to be an asthma.) Do you think about your breathing? If you do, that is not normal! You only think about your breathing if something is not right. You should be able to do any activity without stopping or slowing down. There should be no avoidance of activities. Cough, in the daytime, or especially in the night time or the morning may be asthma. Wheezing is always abnormal and must be looked into.  Rescue therapy with Albuterol should be liberal,  but if more than twice a week, that is a sign of respiratory problems. Listen to the video and answer your questions. Once you know you have asthma, you can live a wonderful, symptom free life, without restrictions or limitations. With the right management you can have full control of your symptoms and your life. View all of our videos for a complete explantation of asthma and allergies. We will post 1-2 videos a week. We will also be reviewing the latest information and studies on allergies and asthma. There is the ultimate guide, our DVD series on allergies and asthma: Don't Let Allergies Control Your Life, Be Allergy Symptom Free.

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