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The third line of asthma therapy, after inhaled steroids and long acting beta-agonists (bronchodilators) are the leukotriene antagonists. They are non steroid anti-inflammatory medicines that help inflammed lung tubes in asthma. They are good on on agents for asthma. It is rare that they should be used alone in asthma. That is because they only help some of the asthma inflammation. You can feel better on them but inhaled corticocosteroids the primary therapy for asthma. They are very safe and have few side effects. Leukotriene antagonists also help with allergic rhinitis, so they help treat the upper and lower airways. Once you know you have asthma, you can live a wonderful, symptom free life, without restrictions or limitations. With the right management you can have full control of your symptoms and your life. View all of our videos for a complete explantation of asthma and allergies. We will post 1-2 videos a week. We will also be reviewing the latest information and studies on allergies and asthma. There is the ultimate guide, our DVD series on allergies and asthma: Don't Let Allergies Control Your Life, Be Allergy Symptom Free.

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