3 Unusual Everyday Soothers for Asthma Symptoms

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Asthma causes 1.3 million emergency room visits annually and can be deadly, leaving many wondering, is there a cure for asthma? While the underlying disease never goes away, there are things you can do to manage your asthma symptoms at home. Making small, easy changes can help minimize asthma symptoms and limit your triggers. For example, doctors suggest getting rid of dust mites and making your pets sleep outside of your bedroom at night. Here are three more tips on how to relieve asthma symptoms using more unusual, but equally simple, methods.

Drink Coffee

By starting your day with a delicious cup of joe, you could also savor up to four hours of better breathing. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews published an analysis of seven small studies that prove that coffee leads to better airway function. How does it work? Caffeine has a chemical structure that is very similar to theophylline, which is an asthma medication used to relax airway muscles. Like the drug, caffeine reduces the respiratory muscle fatigue that causes shortness of breath and wheezing, so make sure you have that steamy cup of coffee each morning. Just don’t ingest caffeine before a lung function test, as it can skew the results.

Take a Magnesium Supplement

If your body isn’t getting enough magnesium, your asthma symptoms may worsen. A study that was done in Kenmore, WA, at Bastyr University showed that magnesium supplements can soothe asthma. They split a group of 55 men and women, aged 21 to 55, each with mild to moderate asthma, into two sets. For a period of six and a half months, one set took a 170-milligram magnesium supplement twice daily, while the other set didn’t. The group who took the supplement reported better control of their asthma, better breathing, and a better quality of life.

Switch Toothpaste

While the evidence is still anecdotal, certain toothpaste ingredients seem to trigger asthma for some patients. Switching brands or formulas may help resolve the issue. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that a young woman had an asthma reaction caused by the wintergreen flavoring in her paste-based toothpaste. When she switched to a spicy gel formula, the symptoms disappeared.

If you’re looking for suggestions on how to relieve asthma, America’s Allergist can help. While the answer to “is there a cure for asthma” may be no, we can get you closer than you ever thought you’d be. Contact us today to find out how.