Asthma Problems When You Are Ill or Not in Control

Asthma symptoms and problems can occur if there is an insult or poor control. Insults are illnesses like viral infections and bacterial infections, strong odors, perfume, smoke, allergens (like grasses, dust and cat or dog dander) and other airborne inhalants. These can lead to your breathing tubes being inflammed, constricted and producing mucous. You may feel short of breath, tight, wheezy, coughing or need your rescue inhaler. Most of the time, if you seek help in a timely matter, you just might need oral steroids or prednisone. If it is a bad asthma attack and you're not getting enough oxygen then you might need intravenous steroids or steroids in your veins. This is when most people are hospitalized. You must get help with asthma attacks because you can die from a bad asthma attack. There are long term complications to asthma. Scarring, thickening or remodeling of the breathing tubes can occur. This is similar to COPD or emphysema. Unlike COPD from smoking, which you have to live with, asthma thickening can be reversible. With proper treatment and control this condition can be reversed. Also a child's breathing tubes grow the first seven years of life. But if their asthma is not in control, meaning they have frequent symptoms, then they can have incomplete growth of their breathing tubes. If not corrected or treated in time then this child will have smaller lung size than they should have had. There can be catch up growth of the child's lungs if treated properly. Listen to America's Allergist DVD series to learn all about asthma and other allergic conditions. Knowledge is power; be informed. Let us educate you and you family on everything you need to know about asthma.