Asthma VS Allergy: The Differences And Similarities

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In the U.S., there are millions of people who suffer from allergies and asthma. For those who live in Colorado, allergies and asthma symptoms are just as commonplace, regardless of the fresh Rocky Mountain air. However, the various symptoms associated with these two conditions can be confusing to individuals, as some indications tend to overlap both health issues. To better understand these two health problems, let's examine how they both limit optimal breathing.

What Are Allergies?

When the immune system experiences a hypersensitive response to a substance due to contact with the body, such as pollen, various materials or pet dander, it is referred to as an allergic reaction or allergies. Allergens, which are the substances that cause this response, can be found in the environment, drinks, or food. Typically, these allergens do not affect most individuals, as they are harmless. For those individuals who endure an allergic reaction to a substance, for example, pet hair, their immune system attempts to destroy the offending foreign element, treating it as if it was harmful - an allergic reaction.

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic ailment that affects airways, the passages that move air to and from your lungs. Individuals who suffer from this ailment experience inflamed or swollen airways, making them very sensitive to irritant factors, which in turn increases the likelihood of allergic reactions. In fact, it is quite common for asthmatics, those who have asthma, to have allergies. Once inflammation sets in, less air passes through the airways, causing them to become narrower. Symptoms of airway narrowing include coughing, wheezing, breathing problems, and the sensation of tightness in the chest.

Asthma VS Allergies: What can I do If I'm Experiencing Breathing Problems?

First, whether you are experiencing Colorado allergies or asthma, please see your doctor. In either case, these two conditions can be quite uncomfortable, but, with the help of a specialist, they can be controlled using various methods.

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