Being Prepared for Summer Activities and Travel

Summer is upon us and the weather is warm! For most of us, this means many outdoor activities and traveling. With the pollen count being high and the weather changes, it is important to remember medications when traveling and being outdoors.

Make sure to always take medications as prescribed. If you are asthmatic and are planning to hike, swim, run or any other physical activity, always have your rescue inhaler with you. If you are allergic to stinging insects or food, make sure to have your Epi-pen or Auvi-Q auto injector and liquid Benadryl with you, as well as a cell phone just in case.

If you or your child plan to attend camp this summer, make sure to go through medications and paperwork a few weeks prior. This will give you time to get any refills and paperwork completed. Camps, daycare facilities and schools require paperwork in order to administer medications, whether it be for asthma exacerbations, allergic reactions or other health problems.

When traveling, make sure you have enough of your medications to last the entire trip. If you take PRN (as needed) medications, make sure you get those filled. Be sure you know about travel rules with medications. Sometimes a letter of necessity is required from your physician. Make sure to give your physician enough time to write the letter and call in refills.

You can enjoy summer activities and traveling even if you take daily medications. Talk with your physician ahead of time to make sure you are prepared for an eventful summer!