Do you suffer from allergies in the winter?

Although allergies tend to taper off during cold weather, many people still experience allergy symptoms. Indoor allergies can affect people year round with dust, dust mites and pet dander. Allergy symptoms include runny/stuffy nose, itchy/watery eyes, throat clearing, post nasal drip and coughing.

To keep allergens under control in your house during the winter, try these tips:
•HEPA air cleaners in bedrooms and living/family rooms
•Keep humidity under 40% to keep dust mites and mold growth down
•Remove carpet throughout house to reduce allergies
•Make sure the house has good insulation to keep mold from growing and sticking to surfaces
•Wash towels, sheets and blankets in hot water to reduce dust mites
•Try not to use down comforters and pillows-dust mites form and stay in that material
•Vacuum, dust and mop twice a week with a HEPA vacuum or swifter
•If there is a warm day and you are cleaning, open a window just enough to get the air circulating
•Keep pets off couches and beds. Their dander can stay in material for a while and can irritate those who are allergic.
•HEPA filters for heat and air system

If you suffer from allergies, contact an Allergist. They will perform skin testing to diagnose specific allergies. You can then have a treatment plan and necessary medications and/or immunotherapy to treat your symptoms. You should not suffer from allergy symptoms!