Enterovirus D68

Enterovirus D68 is a contagious virus that anyone can contract. It is especially common for those between six weeks and 16 years old. It peaks between June-October. This normally lasts about a week and only requires hospitalization in more severe cases.

Symptoms that relate to this virus are:
◾runny nose
◾muscle aches

Those with asthma who contract Enterovirus D68 can experience wheezing and shortness of breath. More serious but rare complications include paralysis and inflammation in the heart and brain. Infants and those with weak immune systems are at a higher risk of developing serious complications. There is no vaccine for Enterovirus, but you can avoid spreading viruses by trying these tips at home:
◾wash hands frequently
◾avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth
◾avoid contact with those who are ill
◾frequently disinfect toys and common areas

If you feel you or your child may have Enterovirus D68, contact your physician. They can diagnose Enterovirus D68 by running lab tests from the nose, throat or blood. Since this virus is not bacterial, antibiotics will not help. However, your physician may recommend over-the-counter pain/fever reducers to help manage symptoms, or other medications if severe.