How to Not Look Sick When You’re Sick

We’ve all been there – stuffy nose, runny nose, sinus pressure and pain, and watery, red, swollen eyes – the dreaded cold. People also experience these same symptoms with allergies. You may think the only way to look while sick is miserable, but there are a few ways to looking better while sick.

  • For swollen, dark or red puffy eyes you can try cool compresses, ice packs, or ice cubes wrapped in towels or in bags to relieve swelling. Eye drops will help with redness (some prescription allergy eye drops may be available through your physician). You can also try using a bright eye shadow in the corners of their eyes, as well as eye liner to help brighten up the eyes and make them look bigger. Mascara also helps make the eyes look more away. Try a waterproof mascara if your eyes are running. Another easy way to prevent that is by sleeping on two pillows. Being elevated can reduce swelling.
  • The best way to cover up the redness around your nose from blowing it is to put a green based color corrector on it. Afterwards, apply another concealer. Also, keep Vaseline or non-perfumed lotion on it, especially at night to heal it quicker.
  •  Being sick can make you very dehydrated. It’s important to keep up on fluids while sick. This can also cause your skin to dry out. Make sure to apply moisturizer when your skin is damp (after the shower or washing your face). This will help keep the moisture in. A dab of extra virgin olive oil will help too. Make sure to drink lots of water and avoid caffeine and alcohol – they too can cause you to dry out.
  • Being sick flushes people’s faces and it’s hard to get the color back until you feel better. One way to add color back is to apply a cream blush to the apples of the cheeks. Blend it up towards the temples and it will add a fresh look. A little bronzer on the nose, chin and forehead will also add a warm tone back to the skin.
  • Dry, chapped lips are a common effect with colds. Try not to peel the skin as it can cause soreness and will take longer to heal. Instead, apply Vaseline or chapstick throughout the day, and coat on Vaseline at night.
  • If you are looking to clear up your skin, make sure to clean your makeup brushes frequently. These tools easily attract bacteria, which is then transferred to your face. If you don’t have a professional cleaner, you can place the brushes in a cup with warm water and a dab of baby shampoo. Rinse the brushes thoroughly and set out to air dry. You can also wipe down the handles with antibacterial wipes.
  • If you have to leave the house, dressing in normal clothes or dressing up a bit may help make you feel better. If you’re tired and want to lie around, then sweats are great as well.
  • When you apply your makeup when you are sick, use a primer first to keep the makeup on all day. Otherwise, your makeup may end up on your hands or tissues (from sneezing and rubbing your eyes). Wait about five minutes after putting the primer on to apply anything else. You can also mix your foundation with moisturizer to have a more natural look.

Being sick and/or suffering from allergies is not fun. It can make you feel and look miserable. These few tips can help you feel a little better if you aren’t able to call in sick to work, or you have to leave the house for some reason. You don’t have to suffer!