Tips to Avoid Allergic Reactions To Food During the Holidays

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Holidays are a special time of year to enjoy with loved ones, friends and family. But, for those with food allergies, it also tends to be a stressful season wrought with uncertainty. That's because holiday celebrations, like Christmas, New Year's, Chanukah, or Kwanzaa, are predominantly food-centered. To avoid emergency trips to the allergist or allergy doctor, you may want to follow these helpful tips.

1) Use Products From Allergy-Aware Lines

Ditch some of that holiday stress by using allergy-aware product lines. These are companies that manufacture their food within allergen-free facilities, like peanut-free factories, and label their products to reflect this information.

2) Bring Your Own Meal To A Party

If you are going to party and you are worried about the food, then bring along a meal. For those who wish to avoid being the center of undue attention - simply make a similar meal by calling the host ahead of time and finding out the menu. 

3) Teach People About Cross-Contamination

Most people have no idea what cross-contamination is when it comes to food preparation. It's important to teach them how accidental contact with allergic substances can cause an emergency trip to the allergist or allergy doctor, and that's if you're lucky enough not to experience anaphylaxis.

4) Save Time By Freezing Food 

It's astounding how much time you can save when you prepare allergen-free dishes in advance and freeze them. In the end, the holidays are a crazy time of year, so freezing party food to use at a later time is a smart way to avoid both stress and allergic reactions.

5) Don't Try New Recipes At The Last Minute

Test out your new recipe or substitution swaps when you have lots of time to experiment, and not when you are in a rush. Also, avoid taste-testing a new dish during a holiday event, since you don't want to have an allergic reaction right before it's time to open up the presents.   


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Happy Holidays from the America’s Allergist family to yours.