Walt Disney & Mylan Team Up to Build Anaphylaxis Awareness

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has teamed up with Mylan to raise awareness for anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic reaction that can occur after consuming food one is allergic to, or being stung by a stinging insect they are allergic to.

Disney Parks have millions of visitors each year, some of whom live with life threatening allergies. About one in 13 kids in the United States have food allergies. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts will have new EpiPen locations to help those visiting with allergies. These locations will also be available on cruise ships.

New guide maps will be available in the upcoming months, showing auto-injector symbols at first aid stations. Although first aid stations will have epinephrine available, always make sure to have your two-pack auto-injectors on hand. Nurses with epinephrine training will also be available for those in need. Educational brochures will be developed and distributed in the near future.

When traveling to these parks, resorts and cruises, make sure to continue your anaphylaxis action plan. Be sure to avoid allergens, recognize signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, always carry your two-pack of auto-injectors and seek emergency help immediately after using your epinephrine.