Asthma Testing - How to Diagnose Asthma

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This video reviews asthma symptoms and when to suspect asthma. Then we review what are the tests used to diagnose asthma.  There are three tests that will diagnose asthma. The first is a pre and post bronchodilator test. This can be done in any specialist's office. If there is a significant change in the size of our breathing tubes you have asthma. If not then a methacholine or mannitol test can be done to see if you have twitchy or hyper sensitive airways. A child has to be 4 or 5 years of age before proper testing can be done. This does not mean asthma cannot be diagnosed and treated in infants, toddlers or young children. It is a clinical diagnosis, meaning by history and examination. Do not let a child go untreated because they "are too young to test". Once you know you have asthma you can then treat and feel great! Remember you can have a normal life no matter how bad your asthma is. Control is the only outcome you should expect. No limitations, restrictions or complications. For the complete story see our DVD series - Dont' Live With Allergy Symptoms: Be Allergy Symptom Free.  

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