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Asthma Testing - How to Diagnose Asthma

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This video reviews asthma symptoms and when to suspect asthma. Then we review what are the tests used to diagnose asthma.  There are three tests that will diagnose asthma. The first is a pre and post bronchodilator test. This can be done in any specialist's office. If there is a significant change in the size of our breathing tubes you have asthma. If not then a methacholine or mannitol test can be done to see if you have twitchy or hyper sensitive airways. A child has to be 4 or 5 years of age before proper testing can be done....

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Asthma Diagnosis - The Symptoms of Asthma - Asthma Questions

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Do you have asthma? What are the six questions to ask to see if you have asthma? These are the six questions that I ask patients to see if they asthma and I should be using to test for asthma. If you answer yes to anyone of them you could have asthma. If you answer "yes" to a few, or all, of these questions then you need to view our videos. I go through the questions that asthmatics will say yes to. There is also an explanation of why these symptoms occur. There are 28 other things that can cause...

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